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Tamarack Ridge Celebrates STNA Week

June 20, 2024
This week, Tamarack Ridge is celebrating all their hard-working STNAs. Without the amazing care provided by the STNAs at Tamarack Ridge, Tamarack would not be able to provide so many residents with a safe, loving home. We had the opportunity to interview a few of our STNAs to dig deeper into what this career path means to them.

Left to right is Sheldyn, Paige, Maddie.

Paige M. has been an STNA for a little over a year now. Paige is currently a nursing student set to graduate next May. When Paige is not working or doing schoolwork, she enjoys lifting weights, hiking, cooking, and sleeping. Paige became an STNA because she was starting nursing school and wanted to get her foot in the door of healthcare.

Once she became an STNA she realized how much she enjoyed taking care of others and loved helping them see the joy in small moments. Paige mentioned that she loves making a difference in her residents' lives even if it’s just remembering how they like their coffee. She recognizes that all the things she does for them that seem so small have a big impact on the residents and make their day. Paige expressed, “What I like most about being an STNA here is the way it feels like family. Everyone does their best to help each other out, even across departments. I feel like our team of aides really do try and take care of each resident rather than just doing their section and calling it quits. We all check on each other and get everything done as a team.”

Paige is just one of many amazing STNAs Tamarack is thankful to have. Another STNA I had the opportunity to interview is Maddie S. Maddie has been an STNA for two years. In her free time, she enjoys ice skating and going to top golf with her boyfriend. After becoming an STNA, Maddie quickly fell in love with the work. She enjoys putting a smile on her residents' faces every day. She also loves talking with them and hearing their life stories. Maddie expressed, “What I love most about being an STNA at Tamarack Ridge is everyone is so helpful and always there when I need help. This place always feels like family when everyone is around.”

Another great STNA Tamarack is lucky to have is Sheldyn D. Sheldyn has been an STNA and is currently going to Kent State for her BSN and RN. Sheldyn decided to become an STNA after her great-grandma passed away. She took care of her at home and knew she wanted to help others in a situation similar to hers. Sheldyn enjoys learning all the little things about her residents' lives. She loves getting them up for the day, doing their hair, getting them dressed, and making them feel good. Sheldyn expressed, “I love the teamwork around here and how willing everyone is to help when and where they can.”

These are just three of the many amazing STNAs Tamarack is lucky to have working in our building. What these STNAs do is work that not everyone can do. It requires strength, patience, compassion, and love. This week and every week, Tamarack Ridge is so appreciative to have such amazing STNAs to care for our residents. Thank you to all the STNAs out there for all the hard work that you do!

Looking to make a difference in our residents' lives? See what positions we currently have available on our careers page.


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