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Celebrating George's Leap Day Birthday Bash

March 1, 2024
It was a truly special day at Tamarack Ridge as we gathered to celebrate George Greenlee's birthday on Leap Day! Friends, family, and even Fox 8 News joined us in honoring this remarkable man on his 92nd, or 23rd official birthday, given that it falls on Leap Day. George is not just any birthday celebrant; he is a US Army Airborne Veteran of the Korean War, adding layers of heroism to his already extraordinary story.

With eight children and twenty grandchildren, George was overwhelmed with joy to see so many people come together to celebrate his special day. His goal of reaching 100 years old adds a unique twist to his birthday celebrations, with two more "technical" birthdays to look forward to. Despite his age, George's spirit remains youthful, earning him the endearing nickname of having the spirit of a 23-year-old, as his wife lovingly describes.

The party, held at Tamarack Ridge Health and Rehab Center, holds a special significance as George has been a regular visitor for 23 years, prioritizing his health and well-being. According to Rebecca, a member of the staff, George serves as an example to others, emphasizing the importance of an active lifestyle and a positive mindset in aging gracefully.

For George, the key to a long and healthy life is simple yet profound: a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, hard work, good rest, and steering clear of alcohol or drugs. His philosophy on life is equally inspiring: "Life is what you make it. Don't let anybody else dictate your life for you; you live your own life, but live it to the fullest." George's journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who know him, reminding us to embrace life with enthusiasm and purpose.

Watch the news story clip from Fox 8 News by clicking the button below.

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