5113 St. Rt. 43 | Kent, OH 44240


The therapy department was great. Ty was very patient with me and helped me to regain my strength and walking. I have nothing but good things to say about Tamarack Ridge. Their employees were all very caring and helpful. The food was very good and overall it has been a great experience!

Deborah M.

My dad has been in and out of rehabs and hospitals since December 2020. We have seen them all, good and bad. Tamarack Ridge is like winning the lottery. If you are lucky enough to get in here, it is a blessing. I feel like my dad is not only cared for but loved. Every single person here is amazing. The Physical Therapist is my dad's buddy. He makes him feel like they are doing guy stuff. Ms. Crystal, the chef, cooks wonderful, homemade meals. Tanya, the Director of Nursing, is so genuinely caring. She gave me her cell number, and actually answers me every time! I would give them 10 stars if I could.


Thank you all for all your love, kindness and care you offered to our dear loved one, Harold C., while he was at Tamarack Ridge. The family certainly appreciates your efforts in keeping Harold comfortable and dignified in his hours of need. All of you are truly angels in the work that you do every day.

Family of Harold

I was so nervous about coming here after the hospital. After a few days, I realized I was so blessed to come here. The aides and nurses are wonderful.

The physical therapy department is amazing. I love them all. They have helped me so much. I am so thankful! Julie, Ty, Rachael, Mary and Sandy are all so caring and helpful! I also love that they keep it so clean too!

Linda H.

Earl arrived at Tamarack on September 28th, his birthday, he weighed only 136 lbs and came with a wound. His nurses at Tamarack were not happy to see his condition. Since that day with the care, treatment, etc. of his nurses and Dr. Huber, he has made a miraculous recovery from his hospital stay. He had four surgeries in a two-week period. Once he reached Tamarack, there was a plan put into action to get this man back to health. It's been a difficult journey, but one with a happy ending. Earl gets to go home!